Lifestyle Sports
Let us help improve your lifestyle with fun & fitness products.

Our Mission

* To provide informed customers with the best values in fitness, sports and training and rehab equipment and to improve the quality of life for those that deal with Lifestyle Sports, in commercial and residential settings.

* To be a part of the solution in helping you find the product you need.

Company Profile

Having over 30 years of experience in the area of health clubs, sports and fitness, both personally and throughout our business history since 1982, gives us a unique insight for solving your needs with our products. If you need a product that we can not provide, we will help you find a supplier. Being involved as an enthusiast, business owner and repair technician allows us to see solutions that brings value of your purchase into perspective. Our definition of value is the combination of price, durability and function for the right piece that will do the job you expect it to do.

Who are the people behind Lifestyle Sports?

* Jane E. Ploetz, President & Owner - Chautauqua County Small Business Entrepreneur of the year in 1994. Accomplished cyclist (roadie, doesn't like mud), StreetStrider rider, accomplished fitness enthusiast and competitor. Loves Gospel music, dogs and good old Rock-N.Roll. Born in Gowanda, NY but won't tell you when.

* William L. Ploetz, VP and Sales - Road cyclist, StreetStrider rider, fitness & racquetball enthusiast. Hails from the hillside farms of Cattaraugus, NY, Class of '70. Would ride off road bikes if I could find someone to clean the muck off my bike (Jane won't). Loves Country Gospel, dogs and old Rock-N-Roll. Goal - Keep up with Jane on my bike and StreetStrider.

* Chester Duke - Chester Duke of Lake Erie, Assistant Security and Entertainment- AKC Certified Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Sprinter, high jumper,walker, swimmer, stick retrieval, fetch specialist, visitor announcement, rodent removal, Veterinarian support, Hair and Hare Disbursement, foot warmer, owner alert systems, etc.