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Ideal Stretch Device With DVD $54.95

Ideal Stretch Device  with DVD  $54.95

Our Price: $54.95


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Your Price $54.95 with DVD and FREE S+H in 48 states

Includes Instructional DVD

Hamstretch now known as the Ideal Stretch

Perfect hamstring stretching without stressing your back

No need for a stretching partner

Keeps your knee straight during stretch

Stretches your calf and hamstring at the same time

Maintains proper hip orientation during hamstring stretches

The IdealStretch is easy to use and provides benefits much more than the name suggests. Yes, it provides an isolated stretch for your hamstrings, but will also provide you with a tool to stretch your hip adductors, hip abductors (groin), as well as your gluteus muscles.

By using the IdealStretch you can readily stretch most major muscle groups that affect your pelvic girdle and legs.

Stretch your hamstrings by simply holding your leg with the IdealStretch Hamstretch in a slightly bent position. By pulling the handle toward your face, NOT DOWN, you will isolate and stretch your hamstring. Maintain the slightly bent position of the knee while stretching.

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