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Lifestyle Sports offers Active Seating including the Fitball with Feet and Maxafe balls with feet at competitive prices, individually or by the case.

School Purchase Orders Welcome.   Call 1-800-666-9198 for your special quote.

Active Seating - Latex Free 600 Pound Capacity.
• Active sitting, or unsupported sitting, puts the user in motion in a controlled manner.
• Eliminates static loading & can help nourish the spine.
• Encourages better posture • Activates & strengthens muscles in back & core area.
• Forces body to strengthen its weakest muscles for balance
• Used to improve focus and alertness by Enhances sensory awareness, balance &vestibular sense.
• Used as exercise ball chairs for kids, children, students, home office club.

Alsao known as ball chairs, wittfitt balls, witt fitt balls, witt-fitt balls, witfit balls, wit-fit balls or wit fit balls or Active Sitting balls.